b. 1986, HK.


Nurturing nature

Our mission is to design architecture that nurtures natural environments where we can each develop our own nature within resilient ecosystems. 

A natural environment is:

  1. Useful: it increases personal and collective agency to allow individuals and groups to realise their potential.
  2. Meaningful: it defines a meaningful and poetic engagement with the natures of our surroundings. This aims to stimulate a culture of care towards them.
  3. Embodied: it engages us physically with the living world, the climate, and the land.
  4. Resilient: it grows biological and cultural diversity. It integrates – diverse – plant communities everywhere possible, in urban, suburban and rural locations.
  5. Sustainable: it is economical in its use of resources; it stores carbon to reduce the impact of climate change; it favours locally harvested renewable energies where possible.