A House above a Shop

Refurbishment, renovation, and restructuring of a terraced house above a shop in Waterloo, London.

A large planted garden is located on the roof terrace above a ground floor shop. 

Colour was used in striking ways to redefine the atmosphere of the original rooms.

The opening and replanning allowed a flexible space to be created that resolved the fire safety and escape route. 

The site is in a conservation area.

A House above a Shop

2003 - 2004  |  media: building & landscape  |  location: Waterloo, London  |  scale: 150m2

The garden when first planted

The garden when first planted


We transformed a basic Victorian flat above a shop in the middle of London into an oasis within the city. The main challenges of this refurbishment were to obtain planning in this conservation area and resolving a complex fire escape situation. The structure of the dysfunctional first level was altered to provide a serene and flexible living space which opens onto suspended gardens.

Decked platforms were designed to seemingly float within vegetation growing in planters below. Large climbers covered the walls and railings. Throughout the flat, industrial materials have been used to create a tactile quality on a minimal budget. (rubber, oiled and waxed plywood, steel).

Completed in 2004, it was published in Elle Decoration UK in 2005.



Project team


Contractor: Glenn Miller Builders


Structural engineer: Sigrid Stessels


Photography: Habitania and Eric Guibert


Drawings: Eric Guibert



The roof gardens after 10 years

The roof gardens after 10 years

Complete-030626 041.jpg
LowerMarsh-030826 015.jpg