Landscape Rituals

Landscape architecture of an estate in France. We design in dialogue with natures, with the ecosystem, using ecological principles. It is a process focussed mode of design linking abstract forms and figurative elements of an animistic nature. 

These processes are an improvisation with wood, forest, trees through performative gestures. The performance is as important as the visual result; this includes the personal contemplation in the making and observation as well as the collective and social togetherness of some of the yearly rituals of harvest, bonfires... 

Landscape Rituals

2009 - ongoing  |  media: landscape & performance  |  location: Vendée, France  |  scale: 1 hectare


One of the finding of our experimentations is the cultural value of the performance of the gestures in themselves. Each of them involves a ritual: hay harvest in August, lumbering in the coldest months, bonfires at mid-winter... These acts bring people together as well as form contemplative performance for each individual; they connect us to each other, the landscape, and ourselves. 

These acts are ecological in all senses of the word; they support the environment, our own ecology as well as the social one, simultaneously. 

In many ways, they have grown from traditional rural rituals, but they have lost their laborious quality, or their production (even if we do forage on the land). They can be seen as contemporary reinterpretations. What remains are the positive qualities and ecological knowledge of these acts of the past. 

Robin and Mark

Robin and Mark




Project team


Photographers: Eric Guibert 


Drawings: Eric Guibert





Robin Pembrooke


Stephen Field


Lucy Goode (for her amazing food)


Jean Martin Lapointe (for his striking chainsaw action)


Sarah Nuttall (for stepping in when Eric's shoulder gave up)


Louis Wustemann (for stepping in when Eric's shoulder gave up)







Iain Field


Mark Forsyth


Paul Macey


Stephen Froggatt


Pas Paschali


Andrew Pembrooke


Carole Pembrooke


Brian Robinson


Oliver Salway


Ivan Tennant


Ed Watson