"Garden in Movement"

Landscape architecture of an estate in France. We design in dialogue with natures, with the ecosystem, using ecological principles. It is a process focussed mode of design linking abstract forms and figurative elements of an animistic nature. 

These processes are an improvisation with plant community, scrubland, perennials through performative gestures. The performance is as important as the visual result.

"Garden in Movement"

2013 - ongoing  |  media: landscape  |  location: Vendée, France  |  scale: 0.5 hectare

2015-08-15 10.39.02.jpg

Our Garden in Movement is the Landscape Gesture closest to the concept of Garden in Movement of Gilles Clement. This process is primarily editing out what is not desired in order to favour what is left. None of the plants have so far been planted or seeded. Although we are considering doing so in the future. 

We apply this in a damp area of The Farm where tall late flowering perennials thrive. The results form large and tall borders that are at their most striking in July and August. 

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Project team



Photographer: Eric Guibert 


Drawings: Eric Guibert





Robin Pembrooke