Deep House

Concept design of a new build house in France in a rural landscape, countryside.

Deep House

2009 - unbuilt  |  media: building  |  location: Vendée, France  |  scale: 200m2


This concept design for a family home in Vendee, France, grows the concept of Courtyard House in a a two storied version. Similarly, various house like private elements are arranged around a communal space that acts as a square for this hamlet. Each element is composed of one room on each floor. The blocks frame the landscape in all directions. Some of the in between spaces form porches or a loggia. 

All openings are carefully sized to frame views and bring in light and solar heat when it is beneficial.

The building can be read as a village or as a single house. The language hints at the local vernacular in an abstract way to express its context whilst redefining it for today.


Project team


Drawings: Eric Guibert