A letter from the soils we have designed with

IMG_6010 2.jpg

Last Friday, I read a letter from the soils that we have designed with at the insightful Monsson [+ other] Grounds symposium organised by the Monsoon Assemblages research project.

This presentation is part of our ongoing research on designing with the creative capacity of socio-ecosystems. I am currently focussing on the role of architectural design in the processes of ecological politics, where both humans and other than human voices should be represented so that the environmental ecologies are given as much weight as social and personal ones.

This is the first time I have tested this epistolary method and the fragile delivery shows the uncertainty. The aim is to give a voice to soils as beings, as “actants” (Bruno Latour) to both remain aware of the existence of these ecosystems as you create and as a tool to communicate their existence to others. The tool will be used in future design processes.

The letter will be published later on this year.