Can you help build this library of children books?

Can you help make this great library of children books happen? It is a great cause, which also happens to be one of my projects.

CLPE, one of my clients has just launched a crowdfunding campaign for the building of the library that will contain their amazing collection of children books. 

The charity supports literacy in primary education in three ways. It funds leading research in literacy pedagogy, provides courses for teachers, and teachers can use the library to find the relevant books for a subject. They are a great team.

The new library space will achieve three outcomes. It will increase the book storage capacity; the space will be flexible so that it can be used for their larger workshops, as well as be rented for events (in the evenings and weekends) to create an income that will sustain the library in the future. 

Lastly, the design, called the Repository of Stories, will also improve the image of the centre by communicating the focus of the centre on story telling through a ritual. Every year, a different illustrator will draw a scheme for the entire room; this will be scanned and printed of wallpaper that will be glued on the flat colonnade that line the bookshelves alcoves. 

You can become part of the library in multiple ways, you can sponsor your own shelf, bookshelf, or entire alcove. 

Thank you in advance for your help.

Eric Guibert